4 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Signs of A Healthy RelationshipIt is very difficult to say one is having perfect relationship. Maintaining perfect relationship is next to impossible now these days. There are number of factors that can totally ruin the relationship. Undoubtedly, there are thousands of programs available in the market and over the internet that claim to help you in building healthy relationship.

There is nothing wrong in these programs but before you invest your money into these programs lets take a look on what is healthy relationship and what are some signs of a healthy relationship.

Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Sign #1 – Monogamous/Faithful:

This is the first and most obvious sign of a healthy relationship. You have to understand that there is no room for cheating, infidelity or any other affairs in your relationship if you want to build healthy relationship with your wife or girlfriend.

Although often man cheats their partner in the relationship but it is important for both the couples to talk with each other and remain committed in the relationship as much as possible. Additionally, it is also important for couples to don’t hide their secrets from their partner in the relationship.

Cheating either it is full blown physical relationship or just few flirty texts can ruined any relationship in just a blink of an eye. According to researching the number one reason for breakups and divorce is cheating or infidelity. If you are a type of person who often gets caught in affairs then you must address it to your partner before they find out themselves.

Once relationship or marriage breaks because of cheating or infidelity it takes years for couple to recover from it. Even a scent of Infidelity can ruin TRUST factor from the relationship without which keeping relationship alive is almost impossible.

Sign #2 – Equality:

Equality in men and womenSecond sign of a healthy relationship is equality. If you want your relationship to overcome from different times, arguments and rough phrases then you have to create equality in your relationship.

By creating equality in your relationship means you have to help him if he is facing from difficult time such as facing any health issue or working overtime or busy in building his career. But when tables are turned, roles are reversed it is necessary for your partner to help you as much as he can.

You have to understand that marriage or relationship is like two-wheel cycle and both wheels have equal responsibilities. Both the wheels have their own value and have their own rights. Similarly, husband and wife have their own rights and desires in the relationship.

When there is argument between you and your partner then you both have to accept mistakes and allow each other full opportunity to explain his or her point of view. Simple rule is, everything in the relationship is 50/50. You must have to provide equal opportunity to your partner to put explain their view.

Sign #3 – Trust and No Feeling of Jealousy:

No JealousyTrust is the most important factor in any relationship, without trust there is no relationship can survive for longer. If any relationship is lacking in trust then it is difficult for partners to live together and sooner one of them will decide to quit.

Initially, trust is important because it helps both the partners to belief into his or her partner so he or she doesn’t have to worry if they go out on business trip or partying with friends late night.

Another reason for that trust is important because it helps partner to destroy any feeling of jealousy from the relationship. Suppose if your husband goes out of city and he forgets to call you have a late night party or meeting with his employee then naturally lots of questions start rising in your mind and you quickly jump to conclude about your husband infidelity. On opposite site, you can use one of texts from Michael Fiore’s Text The Romance Back program to make him feel your importance if you are not around him.

However, if you have trust on your husband then you know that all these feelings are useless because your husband is faithful and you can sleep without any worry knowing there is no sinister is going on and your husband isn’t cheating you.

Trust is also important if you want to build deep relationship with your partner. Husband and wife have to understand that they are a team and they have to face challenges together that life throws to them knowing that their partner is on their back to handle any situation.

Sign #4 – Plenty of Space, Privacy and Freedom:

freedomFreedom is the key element of any healthy relationship. If you want to build healthy relationship with your partner then you need to allow your partner to do whatever they wanted to do (of course within limits).

You may think that it is completely unacceptable when your partner doesn’t share his Facebook password or don’t want to share spare key of deposit box with you. But it is completely fine as everyone wants to maintain some privacy with others. Don’t try to force him to share his Facebook password or spare key of deposit box with you these opportunities is completely fine and you should not force him.

Secondly, you have to allow your partner to spend time with his friends. Never try to stop your partner from spending time with his friends. Just like you your partner also wants to spend time with his friends.


So these are the four signs of a healthy relationship. There is great piece of advice for you in this page if you want to build healthy and mature relationship with your partner. Have trust on your partner because it takes years to build trust but it takes blink of life to break it. Once trust is break it takes years to build if it ever able to build. It is completely fine if your partner wants to keep little secrets from you and don’t force him to reveal his secret to you.

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